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When You Need Just A Little URL

By: Daniel Koepke - Posted: 2010-06-10

I'm a little late to the game, but until recently, there hasn't been much need for URL Shorteners.  With Twitter and to a lesser extent, Facebook, sharing short links are a necessity.  URL Shorteners provide a simple function:  shrink a long URL that you can use in your post, tweet, status update or web articles.  It is easy and handy to use a shortened URL once you find the right tool.

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Stream Netflix on Your Wii

By: Daniel Koepke - Posted: 2010-06-02

In April, Netflix sent me an e-mail advertising a Wii disc to stream movies to my TV.  It sounded pretty cool, so I decided to give it a try.  A month and a half later, my Wii has become an awesome little a streaming device!

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Social Networks: A Commentary

By: Daniel Koepke - Posted: 2010-03-21

In technical terms, we are all choosing to communicate with a piece of middleware to aggregate our relationship and efficiently share it with the masses.  I'm not sure if people believe they are no longer capable of keeping friendships with a large number of people on their own or if it truly is just the technology that masks our senses.  Its not hard to draw similarities with The Matrix.

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