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Battle of the Bands VII

By: Brandon McGinnis - Posted: 2010-09-11

So a couple Thursdays ago (yeah I told you I was a slacker didn't I?) marked the culmination of all things good about local music and really the reason I do what I do for FortWayneMusic. Great bands, great people, and a great venue! It marked the end of the 3 month long competition to see the best band around is. Congratulations to KILL THE RABBIT ( on taking home first prize and a whole year's worth of bragging rights! Actually Congratulations to all 4 bands who played in the final round. Winners KILL THE RABBIT, 2nd Place Krimsha (, 3rd Place Exterminate All Rational Thought (, and 4th Place Blood From a Stone ( All 4 of these bands beat out 36 other hopefuls for a chance to play for over their share of $23,000 in cash + prizes and in front of nationally signed act, Adelita's Way (, who stopped in as guest judges for the final round (thanks for coming out fellas!). If you missed this year's finals, you missed one of the best local shows in a long time.

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By: Brandon McGinnis - Posted: 2010-07-31

As much as some people dislike the Battle of the Bands, there's something about it that always keeps me coming back. Sure it could use a little more preparation and a little more exposure but the great people at WhatzUp , 98.9 The Bear, and all the other sponsors are trying to do is give bands a chance to show people what they are made of. Regardless if you win or lose your round, it's a chance to show the good people of Fort Wayne that your music doesn't suck. Because unfortunately, until you're on the radio (not necessarily best judgement) or you PROVE it, it does.

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Blood From A Stone

By: Brandon McGinnis - Posted: 2010-06-15

To make my Thursday night at the Battle of the Bands even better, I got to hear a 2nd time around band do their thing downtown. Interesting enough, the first time I saw this band was last year at the BOTB 6. To make things more interesting, their fans and a couple of their members were quieted last year when announced they lost their semi-final round after chanting their name all night, annoying just a tad bit. But this year was a little different. And I'm really glad I gave these guys a shot because they found a new frontman, a new sound, and a new fan. Turn your attention to Blood From A Stone.

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