Virtual Reality in Education

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Virtual Reality in Education

Post by oliver89 »

What is the reason for using VR for learning? Imagine: school teachers no longer need to monotonously or, conversely, overly diligently tell, for example, about the Egyptian pyramids and the peculiarities of their construction. With the help of virtual reality helmets, you can go hiking through the tunnels with sarcophagi right at your desk, hear the rustling of labyrinths and independently assess key historical events that unfolded thousands of years ago. Under such training scenarios, it is possible to grow a whole generation of such professions, which today remain less in demand in society, but are still essential for preserving the versatility of modern science.

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Re: Virtual Reality in Education

Post by GardnerHarvey »

First, mastery-learning and essay writing will become much more mainstream. It is an old idea that you shouldn’t have to learn a more advanced topic until you have proficiency in a more basic one. Now we have the technology to meet expectations of every student where they are and provide teachers or writers with real-time data so that it is practical to order your course paper in a minute. :idea:
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