FS:Presonus BlueTube DP -

User: lbanks

I gotta sell some stuff to get a backup for my SX. Got a Squire Pbass in mind. Its green "The new BlueTube DP two channel microphone/instrument preamplifier with Dual Path technology delivers the best of both worlds offering a solid state preamplifier stage and a tube preamplifier stage in each channel. This new Dual Path feature delivers the most flexible preamplifier in its price range by delivering both fat warm tube tone or invisible solid state transparency. The BlueTube DP replaces the original award-winning BLUETUBE as PreSonus' most affordable two-channel microphone/instrument preamplifier. Each channel of the BlueTube DP includes a -20dB pad, polarity reverse, 80Hz filter, and +48v phantom power. Front panel controls include solid state GAIN control and switchable on/off TUBE DRIVE. When the TUBE DRIVE is clicked off, the tube preamplifier stage is bypassed delivering ultra-quiet and transparent preamplification. The front panel also includes illuminated analog VU meters for each channel for easy visual monitoring. The BlueTube DP's inputs are professional-quality Neutrik Combo connectors for inputting both XLR and 1/4" TS sources. Outputs include both XLR and TS jacks allowing for ultimate flexibility. I used it for a DI/Pre to get the tube sound. Worked ok. Used most as a mic pre for recording, Surprisingly good result for that purpose. But when I got the Tascam DR-07, I found I didn't really need it anymore. These seem to be selling for about $200-$230 on EvilBay. $175 shipped CONUS." Morley Mini Wah (Stolen text follows) "Mini Morley Wah Pedal No room for a wah on your board? Now there is! Mini Morley’s are here! Still optical but measuring 4.5” W x 6.75” L x 2.75” H, these are the perfect pedals for pedals boards when space is at a premium or when you just need a smaller pedal. Pair it with the Mini Volume pedal too! Cold rolled steel housing, LED indication, easy access battery door and powers from one 9V battery or optional 9V adapter. Note: IMO this is not a sub for the Bass Dual Wah; sound is completely different. Looks like these are going for about $80 on EvilBay. $60 shipped to CONUS." Digitech Bass Multi Chorus (more stolen text) "The Bass Multi Chorus™ is -designed specifically for bass. What makes the Bass Multi Chorus™ different is that it keeps you low notes clean while giving you up to 16 bass chorus voices at the same time to create the lushest bass chorusing ever heard from a stompbox. There is also built-in voice randomization that increases as you add voices to thicken the sound even further. Sounds good, but I like flangers on bass, the chorus was just a bit too subtle for me. I think it sound best on keys, very good on guitar. These seem to be going about $55 on the bay... that sounds fair. $55 shipped to CONUS."

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