Lots of gear to sell!! - various

User: youngatheart

ATTN: all musician friends! Someone I know has a BUNCH of equipment to sell. All quality stuff and at fair or better prices. Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace 212 50w combo. only used 8 hrs. with flight case $900 • Used, this amp sells for $1300 without a case • New, this amp sells for $1900 without a case Marshall JCM900 50w 212 combo dual-gain/reverb $600 Crate Palomino all tube 32w head $150 Fender Blond 212 cabinet $150 Marshall JCM800 412 cabinet with 75w celestions $300 Epiphone- Les Paul copy - cherry burst $150 Charvelle - Tritone Crackle finish (Black, Blue, Yellow) with active EMGs $150 Fender - Telecaster (mex) Black copperburst with maple neck $500

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