HelpLooking for some drums that where sold acouple years ago -

User: lowman08

My name is Skip Skeens and i play in the band Flat Tire Ambulance,Im asking for any help or info on a Black 5Pc Sonar Force Drums Set with the letter TM(Trunkmuscle)on the bass head.They belonged to Ray Ankney who played drums for the band for many years,He was killed 2 1/2 years ago by a train accident. He left behind a 9yr old son(my nephew) and the boys mother is trying to locate the drums to see if she can buy them for her son.Rays Brother sold them to a Ft Wayne Pawn shop and she is trying to track them down.If you know anyone who may have bought them please contact me and let me know,any help would be greatly appreciated.We have tried contacting the local pawn shops and some have helped us out as much as they can while others cannot give out information. you can email me @ or text or call 419-438-5172 Thank you for any help that can be given Skip

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