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Commercial Solar PV & Insulation for Schools, Gains Momentum

One question that has been in everyone’s mind is about the policies on installing commercial solar PV and insulation on new demountables and school roofs.

The Liberal Government has rolled out a $20-$30 million program for installing solar panels on state-owned buildings, with smart batteries fitted on the existing solar systems. According to a ministry spokesman, the resources, energy and utility departments are waiting for buildings to give them the costings. Labor has assured to conduct an audit of all government buildings, including all places where solar panels can be installed. This also proposes to have all state-owned buildings to buy electricity from renewable sources by 2025.

What’s In for Schools?

In November 2018, the government announced the Cooler Classrooms fund, which is about investing $500 million for having air conditioners installed in classrooms across New South Wales. And wherever possible, the government wants to have them powered by solar systems.

In the first funding round, more than 900 public schools were named and most of these schools on the list had an average summer temperature of minimum 30° Celsius. Out of this, almost 50 schools already had air conditioning installed under the scheme. However, Labor's Cool Schools commitment does not include staff-rooms and this fund is more focused on classrooms and libraries.

Lately, one western Sydney principal was disappointed with the fact that their school's un-air-conditioned hall was not considered as a learning space and didn't qualify despite being used by students during regular class hours. The school had self-funded air conditioners in the classrooms a few years ago.

Meanwhile, labor has guaranteed something similar with its Cool Schools policy, but an additional $300 million budget has been allocated, after the promised cancellation of Sydney Football Stadium demolition. Additional $100 million of the funding has been dedicated to having solar systems that will power new air conditioners in more than 350 schools.

Commercial Solar Panels For Schools

More than 1,430 schools across New South Wales have installed solar panels in the past decade for reducing their carbon footprint. These solar systems differ depending on the school, ranging from 18-kilowatt system to 99.9kW system. The new Ballina High School that opened lately has installed a 99.9kW design. The Department of Education have told schools to contact School Infrastructure NSW for installing photovoltaic systems.

One question that has been in everyone’s mind is about the policies on installing commercial solar PV and insulation on new demountables and school roofs.
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