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Not sure about the ProTools thing.

I had heard that they set a time limit of ten hours on any one track. Whatever wasn't done in that amount of time was left as is. In order to get that drum sound, they must have spent about 9 1/2 hours on everything else and left the drums for last! :?
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bassjones wrote:is that the infamous album with the (supposedly) ProTools pieced together drum parts????
Try every album.

Lars is about as overrated and sh*tty as Tommy Lee on the set, the only difference between the two is thats Lars' whole body is the size of Tommy's d*ck.
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ive recorded with jon prolly 7 or 8 times, and im getting ready to go back saturday. the only cd we had from there that sounded sh*tty was b/c we were young and unprepared. other than that, ALL of the something to die for discs were recorded there and sounded forking magical. hes since then upgraded his studio so im looking forward to seeing and hearing the difference. good guy, good studio. :D
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I've heard his sampler... not impressed. also word is monastic not doing so well...sweetwater bound i guess....
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