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adam atherton wrote:
Silencio wrote:Ollie, that is totally the plan: sophisticated R&B, tinged with jazz, ranging into the better 70s and 80s pop/funk. Think Steely Dan, Sade, The Brand New Heavies, "Almost Blue," punctuated with any hit song I personally think is terrific. A tight 6-piece combo fronted by a female vocal (alternating with yours truly as occasional lead singer). Low stage volume, rehearsals with charts, perfectly in tune and in time, so cool it gives you chills.

I've got a couple of people interested in this. It remains to be seen if we can pull it off this year. But if we can, we'll be gelling it up at the Jam Crib.
sounds like a great project....and your bass player posts on here already....
Well, it sounds like he's got it all planned out, plus I plan on staying plenty busy with NoRA all summer. I'm assuming you meant me anyway.

And some of the best players in town do post here - not necessarily referring to myself...
...your tunes and your playing sound really great... all the best to you and god bless-
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I love Jam Crib. I haven't been there in a while, but it's a really cool place to jam.
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