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Post by therecordinghouse »

having lived in china for a year, and traveled back on many occasions, i can assure you the labor practices are getting better... 8)
Lynn Graber
Studio and Mobile Recording, Fort Wayne, IN.
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Post by lbanks »

Home/backup rig...
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Post by AndrewTeepleBassist »

So someone needs to update us all on his recent LOW DOWN SOUND cab. :P
big ben parliament
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Post by big ben parliament »

I'll get in on this.
-I have a Telecaster-style electric hand made in '97 by a guy named Mike Dawson, a friend of my uncle's who lives in Grabill. I would not get rid of that guitar if I had to choose between it and one of my huevos.

-Hand made steel string accoustic made in '92 by a guy named Steve Cloutier in Minnesota.

-1974 Guild MK-5 classical

-1976 Guild D-50 steel string, converted in to a lap slide...but I think I'm going to put the old nut back on it and just have it as a regular accoustic again.

(I am a firm believer that, the more minimal you go, the more pure your sound is...and therefore better. This is just my opinion, though)

-Marshall JCM800 half-stack (circa 1986-ish). I thought about selling it for a while and buying a Fender Twin, but then changed my mind.

-I only use 2 pedals for sound: and Ibanez TS9 (for a little boost) and a Boss Delay/Reverb pedal (the exact model escapes me at the moment, and it's at our practice space right now...and I really only use it for one solo on one song). I also have a Boss TU2.

-I also have a Crate TV6212 that I use for a practice amp. It's the only Crate I have ever played that I liked, and it has served me well.
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Post by AcousticPimp »

Amp-Fender 1963 Vibroverb Reissue with 2x10"

Effects-Vintage 70's Vox Wah, Danelectro Daddy-O-Overdrive, Danecho Delay Pedal, Fender Chromatic Tuner Pedal (Can't remember the model), Vitage 70's Maestro Phaser (about the size of a tank with controls for "speed" and "Balls", owned by Gibson at the time i believe)

- Mexican Fender Deluxe Super Strat, Epiphone Wildcat (don't ask why?), Yairi Classical, an old Alvarez steel string which needs refretted, A Jumbo Cutaway Dean acoustic electric, a newly aqcuired blueridge 12-string dreadnaught, and a couple mandolins.
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dofus hipster
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Post by dofus hipster »

Some cool stuff here allready. I have seen a few of you guys out about town with it.

My simple, but fun rig is:

2 Eric Johnson Strats
Fulltone OCD
EVH Phaser
65Amps London 2x12 combo(18w monster!)
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Post by Ca$hdollar »

Since I'm a sax nerd...most of my gear won't amount to a hill of beans to the majority of y'all.



Alto: 1958 Selmer Mark VI (no lacquer)
Meyer 5M mp
Vandoren Java 3.5 reeds
Neotech straps (for all saxes)

Tenor: 1967 Selmer Mark VI
Otto Link 7 mp
Rico Jazz Select 2H/3S reeds or Vandoren Java 2.5

Soprano: Antigua Winds black lacquer finish (modeled after Yanagisawa pro line) BARI mp
LaVoz 4 reeds

(just sold my Bari sax :-( BUT I kept my m.p., which is a Rousseau Jazz model

C melody: Unknown Elkhart SILVER model (c. 1932)
60's Otto Link 6 (tenor mp)


Emerson pro flute


Vito student model Clarinet (it sucks...but I only play it on days I teach gets the job done, no plans on ever performing with it at a bar)
Vandoren B45 mp
LaVoz 3 reeds


Roland 88 key electric keyboard

M-Audio 25 key AXIOM midi keyboard (I mostly use LOGIC 7.0 and REASON 3.0 for my patches---Mac Powerbook)



SDS Systems Sax mic

BOSS ME-50 Guitar Multiple Effects (used with my sax mic)

*my newest "toy" = AKAI EWI-4000s


various aux. percussion instruments (triangle, shakers, tambourine, cowbell, etc.) | | | | | |
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Post by boxofrocks »

My ear, I meen gear....
Guitars - DeArmond (Guild) M-70 and a DeArmond M-65 as back up.
Guitar amp - Just added an Epiphone triggerman 60 to the list today.. Sorry to the dude at Guitar Center that wanted it. Thanks for being cool about it.. It a good little amp..
Guitar FX - Zoom gfx1 does what I need.
Picks - Dunlap tortex .73 yellow
Strings - D'adario heavy bottom medium top.

Bass - Fender jazz bass
Bass amp - Ampeg B3 combo
Bass FX - Same as guitar use a different bank.
Strings - Hartke LT

Drums - Yamaha DTXIII, midi to Toontrack EZ drummer
Sticks - Cheap

Recording - Alesis IO/26, Acer laptop
Software - Toontrack EZ drummer, Cubase, Ampeg, Aplitube, Ozone.
Mic - Behringer B-1 large diaphragm (great sounding mic for cheap)
Bjart Sod
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Post by Bjart Sod »

Right now I gig with a Harmony Broadway. Here's someone else's:


The fretboard was redone unprofessionally, and I need to get it leveled out. I'm still trying to find strings I like. (D'Addarrio .013 phosphor bronze were the best so far, but I might go thiner if I can find something with a nice mellow tone.) She's my baby though, and until I can afford the 3k for something I'll like more, she's my main acoustic.
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Post by canteenboy411 »

Triton extreme workstation 88 key

My favorite feature - the Valve Force distortion tube!

Al Quandt
General Manager / Design
General Manager / Design
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Post by Al Quandt »

canteenboy411 wrote:Triton extreme workstation 88 key

My favorite feature - the Valve Force distortion tube!


That is a beautiful board.
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I Been Around
I Been Around
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Post by Renegadesoulx »

Valve King Half Stack
Ibanez RG 320 and Ibanez RG 350DX
with Dimebucker and Duncan 59' pick ups
Schecter Diamond Series Quilt top 7 string
Boss G-T 8 effects processor
Pearl Export Series Drum Set
Sabian AA Ride, Paragon China, AAXplosion Crash, AA 16" 18" Crash, Z-beat Hi Hats
Stealth Plug
Amplitube 2.0
13" Mac Book Pro
M-Audio Trigger Finger
EZ Drummer Drum Kit From Hell
Korg Micro Korg

Eventaully a Roland TD-6s electric kit
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I Been Around
I Been Around
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Post by employee »

I don't have a lot, just the basics to make music.

Guitar - Ibanez LP copy w/ LP PU's
Bass - Old Ibanez SG w/ active PU's
Drums - Yamaha DTX III
Mics - Behringer large diaphragm condenser
Mics - Pair of Behringer small diaphragm condensers
Amps - Old Ampeg B-3
Amps - For guitar I use 2 Celestion 12" cabs and an old power amp
FX - Line 6 pod 2.0
FX - Line 6 bass pod
FX - Behringer midi foot controller
Recording gear - Acer 5100 craptop
Recording gear - M-audio fast track pro
Software - Ableton live 6 (for all music tracks)
Software - Cubase (for vocals only)
Software - Toontrack EZ Drummer (triggered via Yamaha DTX)
Software - Melodyne plug in
M-audio monitors and Yamaha headphones

That's about it, small cheap basic home studio and live setup on a budget... I use this set up for live loud rehearsals and recording sessions, could even plug it all into the house PA and do whole live shows with it if needed.
The Guitar
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Post by The Guitar »

The Rack;
-Peavey Rockmaster tube preamp
-DOD R-184 equalizer
-A.R.T. SGE Mach II effects unit
-Alesis 3630(bypassed live, on for recording)
-A.R.T. series 401 power conditioner
-Tube Works Mos Valve power amp
-Behringer FCB1010 midi pedal that'll control the whole shebang once i get the hang of it! :P

-'84 Crate G-212(use the fx loop for the Rack)
-Peavey Audition 20(for the DOD pedals)
-Behringer 4x12 cab(the band's)

-Epiphone '58 korina explorer reissue(stock)
-Lotus strat copy(RG-470 neck, shaved 2 frets, ZW EMG pups)
-Squier Stratocaster(licensed floyd, emg hz h4, hot rail)
-Peavey Raptor(Crow strat copy, black guard, duncan Shark in the bridge)
-Alvarez Regent classical(mmmm nylon! early-mid 80's?)
-Fender 12 string(mmmm 12 string!)

Other gear;
-DOD Tec 4x processor pedal
-DOD FX7 processor pedal
-Phonic analog 12 channel mix board
-Sennheiser E-609 Silver
Big John
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Post by Big John »

-PS3-Rockband Game-Mic, Drums, Guitar
-Roland Fantom X6
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