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Grammar snobs are so cool.
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Oliver's Army wrote:I think Whatzup moved to the Fort.
They are here and there. They have a small office on St Mary's street now. But they are still in CC as well. I had a meeting with doug a few months ago at the FW office and it was a nice comfortable office in a neat old corner building.
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bassjones wrote:
rezin wrote:
=^-..-^= wrote: Columbia City wannabe, maybe. . . .I don't see no Whatzup world headquarters, BrewHa Coffeehouse or WJHS 91.5 in the background.

The only turkeys in CC that big, though, work for the skool system. . . .
and with grammar like that, id take a shot at saying that youre one of said turkeys?

for the uninformed, cat guy is a teacher and makes spellin' and grammar errors intentionally. It's part of his schtick... at least I hope so ;)
...and he just luvs his "gubbamint"

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