Odd snack foods.

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Oliver's Army wrote:
The_Dude wrote:ANYTHING + Hot Sauce
Insert joke here.
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I hate you.
Oliver's Army
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You set 'em up and I will knock 'em down.

You hot sauce chuggin' hunk o' burnin' love.
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DJ Illiana Jonze (of local group Sub-Surface) OWNS this thread-check the Still Means Something shoutouts for proof.
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Peanut butter and extra sharp Wisconsin cheddar on bread toasted until the cheese is melty, but not completely melted.

Sliced bananas and Miracle Whip on bread.

Bologna sandwiches with potato chips crunched into the sandwich itself.

Cheap-a$$ canned mushrooms straight from the can and eaten with a toothpick.
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Peanut butter and fresh, sliced white onions.
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Cream cheese and jelly sandwiches - YUM!

I also dip fries in ice cream.

I recently Brought this back from CA:

Romaine leaves w/ guacamole dip spread on them and sprinkled w/ sunflower seeds - excellent!

Smoked Oysters or sardines straight outa' the can - private snackage: Nobody else in the family touches them!
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Peanut butter and mayonaise sandwich. Try it!

Fry macaroni and add cottage cheese a couple minutes before they're done.

Ramen noodles...straight from the package. Cooked, schmooked. I eat 'em raw.
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That's dried prepared squid...

It's kinda like squid jerky... yum!
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Re: Odd snack foods.

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I think that last one is 'spam' lol.

I am deleting it. Sorry goys. Stupid bots !!
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