Local Notes #1

By: Alan Quandt - Posted: 2009-03-08

I am going to ramble a bit.

I was sitting in the PMel Motel with my eyes on the computer monitor. I became a bit nostalgic as I watched the computer translate individual sounds into scribbles across each properly named track. Kick, Snare, Hi Hat, Guitar, and Scratch Vocals; The essential elements of many dirty 2 man blues/rock/whatever they want to call it recording project.

While I have been a co-tenant in this building for well over 5 years, I have seen/ heard all sorts of projects, jam sessions, and just plain talent walk through the doors. This is a space that was originally rented by my brother and I to further pursue the beginnings of a musical bond that we had started while I was in college in Florida. Until this moment, I have never really analyzed the whole situation for what it is worth.

Now I am sitting at the computer desk putting an album together for one of a many projects that have been built at this space. I have listened to Pliers iron out their songs during their practice sessions as I patiently await them to finish so that I can do some work on my piano. Now being in charge of their recording, I have had a chance to become immersed in what they are doing and it come with a great feeling.

This is not meant to be a PR piece for my friends in Pliers, by any means. It just got me thinking about how amazing it is to be a part of this musical community. Even though this community as a whole is separated in what sometimes seems to be reminiscent of exclusive high school clicks; You may want to put petty feuds, differences, styles and cultures aside for a minute and look at the whole picture.

Look at all of the active bands, mcs, djs, solo artists etc... No matter how many times that I hear phrases like "this scene sucks" I can't always agree. Sometimes the previously mentioned "clickly" nature of the scene makes you only think about your current stance. However, if you strip the community of its cultural barriers, trends, and snobby politics; you can see a group of entertainers that may just be worthy of national appeal.

Just a thought....


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