The Taylor Fredricks Band @ The Berlin

By: Brandon McGinnis - Posted: 2011-04-01

Taylor Fredricks - Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Dylan Jones – Drums
Harrison Sade - Lead Guitar / Vocals
Chris McVicar – Bass

I have got to stop waiting so long in between these reviews. Man I think I forgot how to put together a coherent sentence (and of course some incoherent lol). Nahhh I think we'll figure it out. I like getting referred to bands by people who know them because they are automatically biased. In this case, met a friend through a friend and I was referred to The Taylor Fredricks band. I said who the (pardon my French) is Taylor Fredricks? She said, "OHHEMMMGGEEEEE You've got to see them!!11!11!1" hahaha well maybe not quite like that but ya know. So I always try to do a little research on the bands that people tell me to check out to make sure it's not a group of 16 year olds that just learned how to play music together. I mean this girl does like Paramore...::insert cricket noise::... (I'm kidding for all you Paramore fans, don't beat me up). But thank you for putting these guys in my ear. Now back to Mr. Fredricks and this group of 4 musicians I had never heard of.

Being as skeptical as I was, I hopped on YouTube, searched around a little bit, got ahold of him, and got something set up. Social Media is wonderful tool. Bands take note, if you're not already using it, start. And if you just started, keep using it, and use it more. The first thing someone is going to do is Google you and search around YouTube for you. Maintaining a presence is what it's all about and that's what Taylor and this band best. I've gotten a Facebook message every few days to vote for them to play Warped Tour. Always in your ear. And if you think about it that's how every great band started off. You're never going to get anywhere if no one knows who you are. In this case, Taylor wants you to know who the band is. Since I went to a show and got to see who they were, I'll go ahead and tell you.

With the name of the band obviously being what his momma calls him, Taylor is the front man. Playing guitar and providing the lead vocals. He's great at getting the crowd going. There weren't a whole hell of a lot of people at the Berlin but the ones watching the show were all about it. His vocals remind me slightly of Brandon from Incubus with a little more emotion. Harrison Sade reminds me of the kids from the school science fair from back in the day. But his guitar playing ability is no kiddie volcano project. It's got a serious acid rock tone that really made the sound. Some of the solos he throws out are insane. Dylan Jones and Chris McVicar keep the beat moving on the kit and bass respectively. These guys are solid. The sound might have been a little iffy for them. The bass didn't cut through a whole lot but they were great nonetheless. They work on a little more cohesiveness they'll be stellar. Just a newer band getting used to playing together. They're definitely worth a listen. With influences like Incubus, Parkway Drive, Alexisonfire, Chiodos, and August Burns Red you know it'll be a good show.

I really dig what these guys are doing. I asked the band how they would describe their music to other people and they came up with probably one of the coolest but most nerdy genre names ever. ACOUSTICORE… Yeah… wtf is Acousticore right?… I was thinking the same thing. They admitted that it sounded like a mythical beast and their music sounded like the act of slaying it. Best. Analogy. Ever. These guys are cool and they put on a good show. Their energy is through the roof during the last half of their set. If they had it going from beginning to end they'd have a potential to be one of the better bands around. The Battle of the Bands is crucial guys so if you haven't signed up, hurry up and do it. So if you guys the readers want to know what slaying a mythical beast sounds like… do me a favor and check out my guys in The Taylor Fredricks band. And don't forget to vote for them to play the Van's Warped Tour! Thanks again for the great show guys!!/tfredricksmusic

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