By: Brandon McGinnis - Posted: 2010-07-31


Aadia @ Columbia Street - 7/29/10

Ryan - Bass & vocals

Sam - Guitar & vocals

Shane - Drums


                As much as some people dislike the Battle of the Bands, there's something about it that always keeps me coming back. Sure it could use a little more preparation and a little more exposure but the great people at WhatzUp , 98.9 The Bear, and all the other sponsors are trying to do is give bands a chance to show people what they are made of. Regardless if you win or lose your round, it's a chance to show the good people of Fort Wayne that your music doesn't suck. Because unfortunately, until you're on the radio (not necessarily best judgement) or you PROVE it, it does. Sorry to say it (insert your "band" here) but your mom's, friends', and girlfriend's opinions only get you so far. But when someone like that can get someone that has no idea who you are out to rock out, you're getting somewhere. Thursday night was exactly that. It was shaping up to be an EPIC night. Four of the best bands in the competition, fighting for 2 spots in the semi-final round. Ha I was thinking all night "everyone better bring it tonight". I heard these guys were good, and that they were worth checking out but no one ever told me what they really played. Promised an epic show, received an epic show. Great sound. Great Venue. And a TON of people.

                I had been talking with Ryan about reviewing them for a little while and was supposed to go to their first scheduled show but due to a few conflicts, they were rescheduled. The lineup this week was shaping up to be EPIC and of course, it delivered. Every band of the night tore it up. 4 of the best bands in the competition The last band of the night Aadia, Ryan, Sam, and Shane are 3 simple guys. At least that's how they explained themselves. 3 simple guys playing simple music, and loving everything about it. The minute they stepped on stage they were having a good time. They had a nice following for almost midnight on a work night. When they turned on and started playing I was instantly taken back. All I could see was Blink-182 rocking out on stage. Ryan the bass player rockin' out on the mic laying down the groove. Sam the guitar player moving around stage tearing it up getting everyone pumped up.  And Shane the drummer, putting some serious work in on the kit. It was magnificent.  And as soon as they started playing, the people following them on stage were jumping around right along with them. Great to see a bands following get into them like that.

                These guys are well rehearsed with a great stage presence. They are partying on stage the whole time. Including "social" drinks in between a few songs. Which of course the other 100+ alcoholics at the bar around me all enjoyed this gesture of peace. If you ever have a house party and want some kick ass party music, I'd highly suggest these guys to convince their friends in the Flamingo Nosebleed to come party with you. It would definitely be worth it. They were out supporting their friends in Aadia that night as well. I really have never seen Columbia Street that busy during the week. It was pretty awesome. Birthday parties, Bachelorette party, and some kick ass music, yesssssss. Thursday night @ Columbia Street is where it's at. Shit next Thursday is shaping up to be an EPIC round as well. Everyone needs to meet me out there and lets party!

                Another successful night. Beer, Music, and Taco Bell @ 2:00am (....hey I get up at 7 for work okay) sounds like a pretty nice Thursday night. I really enjoyed talking to these guys because they do genuinely just enjoy doing what they do and playing their music. They played a fuckin awesome cover of "True Believers" by the Bouncing Souls who they had as another one of their big influences. This band was great. To everyone that told me to check them out, Thank you. This was probably some of the most fun I've had on a Thursday night (thank you all 3 other bands for tearing it up as well). Do me a favor check these guys out, and make sure you come out to Thursday Nights @ Columbia Street. Shit after the Tin Caps games, you all won't have anything to do on a Thursday anyways haha. Why not hang out downtown. But really.... Check out their music and fan them at....




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