Blood From A Stone

By: Brandon McGinnis - Posted: 2010-06-15


Blood From A Stone

Columbia Street - Battle of the Bands 7

David Bren - Guitars

Matt Lane - Vocals

Brody Dixon - Guitars

Jordan ONeal- Drums

Nate Trowbridge - Bass


                To make my Thursday night at the Battle of the Bands even better, I got to hear a 2nd time around band do their thing downtown. Interesting enough, the first time I saw this band was last year at the BOTB 6. To make things more interesting, their fans and a couple of their members were quieted last year when announced they lost their semi-final round after chanting their name all night, annoying just a tad bit. But this year was a little different. And I'm really glad I gave these guys a shot because they found a new frontman, a new sound, and a new fan. Turn your attention to Blood From A Stone.

                I wasn't a big fan of these guys the first time I saw them I'm not gonna lie. But being as crazy as I am about live music, I figured why not since I was already downtown to check out EARThought. I saw a longtime friend that I haven't seen in forever and she happened to mention that her boyfriend was in one of the bands that was playing that night. So she went and grabbed him (and it wasn't the singer I remembered from the band) and once I caught up with her I met Matt who I'll talk about a little more in a bit. He told me he was the singer from Blood From A Stone - "beautiful" I thought to myself. Now if you were at the semi-finals that year you'd understand why. We got to talking and were shootin' the shit for a minute. He said he had to go on stage and that we'd talk with the entire band after the show. Fair enough. Then they played exactly what I wanted to hear from them, proof that they were about their music and having a good time. And they were damn good at it.

                The "Breaking Benjamin-esque" riffs flow from David and Bo's guitars. They both tower over everyone else in the band, even if the other members were standing on milk cartons, and their sound is just as big. These dudes are 'bout it. Nothing cookie-cutter about them even though their riffs are definitely up there with those heard on the radio. Jordan and Nate, on drum and bass respectively, do exactly what I expected them to do. Their job. They really kept the band together and blended perfectly with the guitars. Beatiful shit fellas. Great display of what the rhythm section is supposed to do. Matt reminds me a bit of a little lighter Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage. The singing, the screaming, the harmonies, I felt like I had seen a couple times on the Milllion Dollar Stage @ Piere's. Frontman... yessir. Dope singer... yessir. I'd say that was a winning pick-up for BFAS (I'm lazy...). Their whole energy was great to. No one was standing still, including the crowd... it really was a stellar performance that I can honestly say I wasn't expecting but I'm greatful to have gotten.

                Talking to these guys after the show (well me asking stupid ass questions that probably none of them understood given the $6 pitcher night) gave me a little better understanding of who they were. They are all cool ass dudes and really enjoy what they do. What I did get from them and I really like is that they want to appeal to everyone. They want you to hear the melodies, they want you to hear the growls, and most importantly they want you to hear what they got. I can't say enough good shit about these guys because frankly I was thoroughly impressed with their performance and all around good showmanship. They walked away with 2nd place honors for the night and a spot in the 2nd round. I really can't wait to see these guys again because they are a band to watch out for. I could see them opening for some big names in the near future. I'm about done rambling but before I go one last thing... do me a favor.


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