Exterminate All Rational Thought

By: Brandon McGinnis - Posted: 2010-06-14


EARThought @ Columbia Street

Peter Lock - Guitars

Cody Demille - Guitars

Jamie DeVinney - Bass

Ron J Gage- Drums


                If you missed last week's Battle of the Bands you missed probably one of the best performances to ever come out of the BOTB. Especially the first round. Thursday nights as everyone should know by now is Battle of the Bands at Columbia Street West. This week was a little different than any other review I've ever done. In fact, reviews. 2 bands in 1 night you say?!?!?! No way! Well yes it's possible and I couldn't have picked 2 better bands to see on the same night. The 2nd band is getting their own special write up because they deserve it and I'm starting to get excited thinking about writing theirs. Focus on Exterminate All Rational Thought (or EARThought as I'll call them from now on) for right now and know a change in how people perceive music is coming. Is it bad that I'm getting excited just thinking about writing this thing? I can still hear the screams of the guitars.

                Nothing about music is ever what it seems and I'll explain why. I had heard of EARThought through a mutual friend and was supposed to go check them out a month or 2 ago. Well that fell through due to some other conflicts with my schedule and I wanted to check 'em out again. Low and behold, falling right into my lap was a longtime friends' Facebook post  that went something along the lines of "I'm the new bass player come check us out at the BOTB." Fair enough, put up or shut up old friend. I caught Jamie right before they were going on stage to let them know I was there and get 'em all nervous. I seem to think I failed miserably. Everyone loves lyrics, and hearing what the singer has to say about his/her life right? While I enjoy listening to lyrics, and a songwriters' story, I really enjoy losing myself in the music and what the other band members have to say. These guys tell their whole life stories in great detail... without saying a word. No singer. Yes I mean completely 100% instrumental. I'm a weirdo and could probably listen to instrumentals all day, but no way could it compete in the Battle of the Bands without someone getting the crowd going. They didn't have to. Their instruments did all the work for them. The second Peter and Cody turned up the gain - "it was on like Donkey Kong (insert little TM sign here haha)".

                I couldn't do anything but close my eyes and appreciate (in AWE nonetheless) what was going on. I had only had another experience like this, and that band only puts out a CD when they feel like it. If you know me, you know who that band is. Or if you had ever seen that band, you know who I'm talking about. The only way I can describe what these guys sound like is like listening to Dreamtheater on steroids... make any sense? Incredible, INCREDIBLE precision by Cody and Peter. What those 2 do on their guitars is unbelievable and amazing at the same time. Cody being amazing and Peter doing the unbelievable, then they just switch mid-riff. The music that comes out of those fingers and picks is... wow.  Jamie and Ron J are "eye-to-eye" and "ear-to-ear" every step of the way. Which is really hard to believe and imagine considering their eyes were closed most of the set, completely immersed in their story. Shit I'm still in AWE just thinking about it. The entire bands' energy was absolutely amazing. They played 3 songs... well I can't even really call them songs. They were like movements. But they were movements that left the crowd of close to 100 going nuts (the first band, at 9:00, on a Thursday) and probably made a few of them change their votes.

                HaHa I really don't know what else to say. This band isn't something that you can just listen to a couple MySpace tracks and word of mouth and have an opinion about (like 95% of the other bands around). No. Not even close. You need to experience this band and this music in person. It blows my mind that they walked away with almost 70 votes and none of them said more than "We're Exterminate All Rational Thought, hope you enjoy" and a victory for the night. A "popularity contest" some people say the BOTB is, which to a point is true. If you don't have a following that will vote for you...  you shouldn't win. I'd say that means you suck as a band, regardless of how good you and your friends think you are. But, when the following grows as the instruments are continuing to be played and the expressions on peoples' faces are changing from "instrumentals....." to ".....holy shit", it becomes about the music. At the end of their set Jerrdog, yes, THE Jerrdog, turned around and looked at the guys, with about the same face that I did like "did you guys seriously just kick ass like that?", and said and I quote "Ya'll are some bad mother fuckers." With no singer to ruin what the band really has to say,listen to Jerrdog, listen to me, and do us a favor.


Check 'em out... please.




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