Stream Netflix on Your Wii

By: Daniel Koepke - Posted: 2010-06-02

In April, Netflix sent me an e-mail advertising a Wii disc to stream movies to my TV.  It sounded pretty cool, so I decided to give it a try.  A month and a half later, my Wii has become an awesome little a streaming device!

The first thing I did was go to this Netflix site and order a Wii disc.  If you do not already have a Netflix membership, you will be prompted to create a free trial account.  Its simple, painless and well worth the membership (and this is coming from someone that only uses it for a couple movies a month).

Within 2-3 business days, you'll get a Netflix Wii disc.  All you need to do is insert the disc into your Wii and enter the activation code on your computer.  You'll immediately see all the movies in your Netflix queue that are available for instant viewing.  You can also navigate menus on the Wii to watch other movies that are not in your queue.  Browse, select and play.  It couldn't be any easier.

Having movies available instantly on our TV is convenient.  But, since not all Netflix movies are available for instant viewing, we have really taken advantage of all the TV shows that release their seasons on DVD.  There are many available for instant viewing and its a great way to catch up on some of the great shows that we have missed or have come out on premium channels.

So far, the only issues we have had have been due to our internet connection, which ends up causing a show to load slowly and occasionally stop to buffer more during viewing.  But, that has happened three times since we have been streaming through the Wii and it hasn't happend in the last couple weeks.  We've watched 30 minute shows and two-hour movies and the vast majority of the time there is only a minute or two delay at the start.  After that, I really can't tell a difference between DVD, OnDemand or a Netflix stream.

If you have a Wii and a Netflix account, this really is a no-brainer.  Order your free disc and in no time, you'll have streaming movies on your TV at no additional cost.  If you have a Wii but no Netflix account, I think its really worth considering, especially if you are spending more than $10 a month on buying or renting DVDs.  You'll save money and have more movies and TV shows available to you.  Finally, if you don't have a Wii, I won't say this is reason enough to get one, but if you were thinking of getting some sort of streaming device, it could be worth it even if you have no desire to play a single game on it.

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