Autovator @ Columbia Street 4/29

By: Brandon McGinnis - Posted: 2010-05-12

                It's been a little while since I posted my last review. I've been busy, with being the biggest procrastinator known to mankind. But..... I finally got around to getting out and checking out some new music. Thursday's down at Columbia Street are Midwest Original Music Showcase nights or M.O.M.S. With Richard providing the sound it was time to check out Autovator. I hadn't really heard much about them aside from playing with the RP Wigs ( a couple months ago. My buddies in Krimsha put in a word of recommendation that I should check these guys out.

                So when I got to Columbia Street there were a total of about 20 people in the back room where the stage is. Half of them were the bands that were playing. It wasn't terribly hard to find the band hanging out at a table with a few empty shot glasses in front of them (that's my kind of band). So I walked up to the table like a tardbiscuit knowing that they were the band and asked if they were Autovator. Duh you ass.... 20 people.... 2 bands... wouldn't take a rocket scientist especially since they were playing with last year's BOTB winners A New Definition ( After we got the awkward introduction crap out of the way it was time to get down to business..... shots. A couple Goldschlagers later and I was ready to listen to some music.

                 I'm really glad to see someone doing something different with music. This is metal, but not the typical screamo-type stuff. For some reason it kind of reminds me of the Metallica of old. Well... not really metallica... but the gritty guitars and the angry yet melodic voice of a real frontman. Autovator sounds like mashing a gas pedal through the floorboard of a '72 NOVA with no end of the road in sight.  Shane provides the vocals that make you want to punch someone in the face and backing guitars. Jason is a serious guitar player. This guy's got some chops. When his guitar is screaming, I interpret it for lack of a better phrase, "F*** YOU". Chad and Brandon, on bass and drums respectively, provide the fuel that keep this monster running. I'm a big fan of their song "Blind in the Ears". It's angry, raw and in your face just like metal should be. Everyone in the band was great to talk to and they were ready to party but were afraid of sucking too bad for the review. Well guys you did, for lack of a better phrase (I promise I won't use this again), fuckin' excellent. When I say Autovator fuckin' rocks, I mean it.

                Hitting up this show made me realize how much I missed seeing live shows (after a few botched attempts at seeing some other bands and some serious procrastination). Especially since it's been like a month or longer since my last one. I couldn't have went out and started the real music season any better than watching these guys tear up the stage. I'd only suggest making sure that more than 20 people are there to watch the entire thing... (HINT Venues & bands!!). Outside all else, the band was great. They kicked ass, are great musicians, like to party & have a good time, and want what everyone wants for the music scene around here, to see it come alive again. Well guys, keep doing what you're doing and you'll be some of the front runners to make it happen. If anyone reading this write-up (which is probably close to 3 of you), do me a favor.


Check 'em out.


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