Mojo Dub

By: Brandon McGinnis - Posted: 2010-03-03


Mojo Dub @ Duty's Uptown


Joe Dub - Guitar, Vocals, and Soul

Mike Shorter - Drums

Kelley Tellef - Bass

John Ross - Drums (sub)

Dan Wheelig - Drums (sub)

Quincy Sanders - Sax


                Damn I miss warm weather. All the snow that just won't quit, the wind that'll rip through a CarHart , and the cold. Ahh cold. I'd like to give a nice and humble F*** YOU!!!! to cold weather. Sorry I really really don't like it. But even in cold weather you can always find something to do. I found a band that goes by the name of Mojo Dub out at Duty's Uptown on Thursday night. Now I usually don't do a whole lot during the week because I'm usually working like crazy but when live music and warm weather (I'll explain in a bit) are involved, I've been known to make exceptions.

                Now I've seen Mojo Dub a couple of different times out at Dicky's Wild Hare, but never really payed attention to them being as they were in the corner of a family restaurant just jammin' out. I'm really glad I got to watch these guys and focus on them doing what they do because there is something different about the way they play their music. I was introduced to Joe Dub and the band by my guy TJ Ochoa, the same guy that convinced me that I needed to check out 2RQ. And with the way that show turned out, I had to take him up on seeing these guys, even during the week, even in this ass freezing weather (yes I said ass freezing because that's what it does), even being the youngest person in the bar (besides the couple people I was with) by 15 years or more... But anyways, when I sat down to talk with Joe between one of his sets, I could instantly tell there was something different about this guy. Walking up to the table with an old baseball hat, hole-y jeans, a long sleeved-half-sweater-half-shirt-type thing, he looks like an average 'Joe'... Okay I can hear the crickets echoing, excuse my bad attempt at making a funny. But there is nothing average about him or the music he plays. Just looking at the guy you'd never expect he is a classically trained musician (on numerous instruments) and a damn good one at that.

                Okay. Now the reason I said something about warm weather (I know a lot of you are like 'is this guy out of his mind, it's a half a fucking degree outside') there's a reason behind it. Let me paint a picture for you.  A guitar, a beatbox, a  bunch of palm trees, a lot of sand, crystal clear water, and a couple of those big fishbowl drinks with little umbrellas in them. Got it? Yeah it sounds like an incredible vacation right? Well every time Joe and the guys get on stage, he makes it feel just like that. It was fucking snowing outside on Thursday but I felt like I was kicking it with Jack Johnson in Jamaica. I found myself bobbing to his music more and more, and enjoying it more and more throughout the whole show. They even threw down a great rendition of "Jump In The Line" by Harry Belafonte that about had me dancing around like the late 80's Beetlejuice.

                There's a lot more soul behind Joe than what island music constitutes, but that's what makes it great. When he's playing, he's completely immersed in what he's doing. Eyes closed, throwing together incredible runs and solo's, and just letting his guitar speak. It definitely had a lot to say and everyone in the bar was listening to it preach. The whole band plays his music with an incredible passion for it. There is so much soul behind his music that it really makes you feel different after listening to it. Have a couple beers and you'll really feel different and will probably contemplate calling off work the next day to make a bee-line for the Keys. I can't say enough good things about this guy and what Mojo Dub is all about. When I asked Joe what his whole idea behind the music was, he said "We just want to make people feel like they're on vacation". I was right there sitting in a bar looking outside at snow, feeling like I was in the tropics.

 What I want to see when I go check out a band is some real-ass musicians doing what they love and these guys deliver 110%. They get the extra 10% because I was so pissed off that it was snowing and that it wasn't 90 degrees outside after watching them play.. They really put you in that vacation state of mind where you can just let go and enjoy what is your life. Because, as stressful as the world is today, and with everything going on in everyone's lives, it's the best place to be. Let your mind go and do me a favor, give these guys a listen.


Check 'em out.



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