Get a Kindle and Let's Start a Fire

By: Daniel Koepke - Posted: 2010-02-27

    I've been using a Kindle 2 for just over two months and I have to say, its a wonderful little device.  I read an average amount of books before owning a Kindle 2, but I often found myself going weeks between books just because I was too lazy to look around for something else to read.  With the Kindle 2, I can browse and sample over half a million books, as well as dozens of popular newspapers, magazines and blogs.  Amazon, the maker of the Kindle 2, also has thousands of public domain books available at no cost.
    The Kindle 2 has allowed me to increase the volume I read, by just having a variety of options at hand every time I turn it on.  I find myself willing to explore genres and authors that I normally would overlook.  Some authors offer free downloads, but all of them allow free sample downloads, usually a few chapters, and any newspaper or magazine subscription starts with a free two-week trial.
    Currently, Amazon offers the Kindle 2 (6" screen) for $259 and the Kindle DX  (9.7" screen) for $489.  Portability is a big thing for me and with the Kindle 2, I can toss it in any bag and go.  While the Kindle DX is just as thin as the Kindle 2, just over a third of an inch, it is a couple inches longer and wider, which makes it a little harder to toss into any bag.
    The E-ink technology is pretty amazing.  The screen contrast is the same you as a paperback.  I have read my Kindle 2 for hours at a time with no eyestrain.  I can't really accomplish that on a computer screen.
    Finally, there are the extras.  Amazon offers Whispernet (a 3G global wireless network) that allows me to connect to the Amazon bookstore.  Purchases are delivered in under 60 seconds, no PC is required and there are no annual or monthly contracts.  The Kindle also provides a web browser and MP3 player.  I've used the web browser a few times and it is adequate when you want to check your e-mail, Facebook or even a favorite website.
    I'd recommend this device to anyone that reads over a dozen books a year and certainly anyone that loves to read.  Its easy to use, feels good in my hand while reading and is just really convenient to have with me all the time.

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