I, Wombat

By: Brandon McGinnis - Posted: 2010-01-30

I, Wombat @ Rick O'Shays Broadripple

Chad F- Guitars and Vocals

Lou C - Guitars

Darren M - Bass and Vocals

Marc A - Drums


                "A furry Austrailian creature" is what I kept saying to people when they asked what a wombat was on Friday night. I can't tell you how many people asked me who was playing and what the hell wombat was. Well after saying that phrase for the 30th time I got to watch I, WOMBAT kick ass at Rick O'Shays Broadripple. They shared the stage with Autovator, who I had never seen before but put on a good show - especially with their own version of "Wish" by NIN, and the RP Wigs. I knew it was about to be a good time with some good people and good music. The RP Wigs are always a good time and these other 2 bands made it a great time.

                Now I, Wombat isn't your typical local rock band. These guys aren't trying "to get signed", although they did point out that being rockstars would be the fucking shit, and I wholeheartedly agree, they are doing it for themselves and their people. They are a great bunch of guys who just like playing some hard rock music. And when you enjoy what you do because you enjoy it, not because you have to enjoy it, it makes your work a little easier and a lot more fun. Now I had met the bass player Darren once before a while ago through a friend, but completely forgot who it was until I went up to him and called him Lou. He looked at me with this look like "Who the fuck are you and I'm Darren." Now usually I talk to the band before the show and kind of get to know a little bit about them before they perform. Waiting until after the show was kind of cool actually. Since I had no preconceived notion of their music or them in general, I got to go into "pay attention, you're working" mode with a clear mind, for the most part at least. These guys really impressed me. They had to fight a mic feedback issue for a few songs but I didn't hold it against them. Shit they even gave me some free schwag out of their merch. I got their debut album that I've been spinning all day (which is available on CDBABY, search I,WOMBAT), and a nice sticker to add to the collection of local stickers and fliers.

LISTEN UP LOCAL BANDS - HOOK ME UP -You don't have to though. I understand if you're broke.

                I really enjoyed the music that these guys played. The whole band was put together really well. Got a little ahead of themselves once or twice but I'll call it because it was loud as bajeezus in there. Chad is a great frontman. He likes getting the crowd into the performance and throws in some backing guitars. He even looks somewhat resembles a wombat himself (pardon my furry creature reference haha). Lou provides the cutting guitar fills and solos and does it really well. He doesn't just solo the whole song like some lead guitarists I've seen around, it's done tastefully. It's goold ole' hard rock, you think there wouldn't be any solo's? I loved the tone coming out of Darren's bass rig. That shit rocked. Overdrive, overdrive, overdrive, yesssssss. Dude is so talented he was able to play watching part of the Stevens vs. Brinkley fight that was on last night. Marc did really well on the kit. He's got a good solid beat and definitely makes the band keep up. They put some good hard rock music together pretty well for being a bunch of old f*ckers. When I asked them who some of their influences were because I caught a little Offspring before their poppy days and Lou chimed in with "Our influences would probably be the same as whoever the Offspring's influences were." Their list of bands went back a little bit to include Zeppelin, the Descendants, and Faith No More. And I'm a big fan of all those bands.

                I can't speak highly enough of Rick O' Shays and the staff out there. They're slanging penny drafts every Friday night, all night! And I don't mean those little 8oz drafts you get downtown for a dollar on Thursdays... I mean plastic Taco Bell cup 32oz beers. I'm pretty sure that is as close as you are going to get to "God's gift to mankind". Penny f*cking drafts. Unbelievable. Hopefully it's the beginning of many more shows to come at the spot that can't seem to keep anything around. But yeah, I, WOMBAT ROCKS! If you like Led Zeppelin and Faith No More and want to see a kick ass rock show do me a favor...


Check 'em out and go see them rock!





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