Flamingo Nosebleed

By: Brandon McGinnis - Posted: 2010-01-15


Flamingo Nosebleed @ Brass Rail

Jake Emissions - Guitars and Vocals

Philthy Phil - Bass and Vocals

Turbo - Drums


                So Friday night was a new experience for me. Flamingo Nosebleed, Shot Baker, and Squints down at the Brass Rail. Now I had never experienced the Brass Rail. I have heard stories of people getting shanked outside the bar and fights all over the place and shit like that but although things like that have happened (as they could and do in any city), that place is pretty cool. The walls are plastered with old fliers and stickers from previous shows over the years which give it a pretty dope atmosphere. Stage was tucked away in the far corner from the door so the whole bar can see it. If you've never been I suggest dropping by and grabbing a PBR (yes they serve other stuff too) from the tap and checking the place out.

                This was one of the only shows that really caught my eye on Friday Night. I had heard great things about these guys and had never been to the Rail so I figured why the hell not. Once I figured out where to park, I was ready to ride. I met up with Jake Emissions, the lead singer of the Flamingo Nosebleed out back in the smoking area (which was sprayed with some serious art). I got to talking to he who provides the vocals and classic "Ramone-like" punk riffs on guitar, and Philthy Phil, who holds it down on bass. They are also accompanied by the drummer and provider of 'pure unadulterated sexiness', Turbo. So, to go along with the first time being at the rail, it was also the first time watching a show where the drummer played with nothing but his underwear on. I wasn't quite expecting it but as sick as it might have been, this guy is a bad ass drummer. As a matter of fact everyone in the band is legit. Jake is probably as close to the epitome of a pop-punk front man you'd probably see around here, and Philthy Phil just does what he does, and does it good . They were feeding off eachother's energy throughout the whole set and rocking the f*ck out.

These guys remind me a lot of Green Day, yes I know I said it, but, I mean Green Day on the Dookie album.  They are much faster and much edgier and more pop (if that makes sense) than the Ramones and Green Day's old shit but it kinda took me back to 5th and 6th grade spinning that album nonstop. I wasn't introduced to the Ramones until later in life, I was a deprived child haha. Maybe it was the guitars and bass hanging low and not giving a damn, or the drummer making goofy ass faces when he plays, but I really enjoyed it. Coming from a guy who normally doesn't go for music like this, I'd definitely go see another one of their shows. Hopefully the drummer will be wearing more than his fucking drawers. They were well rehearsed, on point the whole time, and just having a good ass time. There was a nice sized local following of about 50-60 people in the bar watching the show. Merch table set up off to the side and everything. The whole experience definitely made me want to check out more of the punk shows around town (hint hint punk bands). The Rail really made it a great show with the late 70's punk atmosphere it provided. I'm really glad there was a good show going on that I could check out. Fuck all those stories, that place is the shit, especially for bands like the Flamingo Nosebleed.

It also gave the whole bar a chance to experience the wall of sound that is the Flamingo Nosebleed. These guys are great. I'm not usually one for that genre but they made it really enjoyable. Their sound is great, their performance is great, and the experience was great. If you like the Ramones, Green Day (on the Dookie Album), and any other band that just puts the show in your face and who do it really well, do me a favor...Grab a few friends and go see these guys play! It's well worth it.


Check 'em out.




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