Moser Woods

By: Brandon McGinnis - Posted: 2009-12-21

Moser Woods - -

Rick Kinney - Drums

Lance Hoeppner - Keys


Saturday night was a night of original music for me. I decided to go check out Moser Woods and the RP Wigs at Carl's Tavern in New Haven. Now alot of people actually from New Haven will know where the band's name comes from but for those of us who don't, it the name of wooded area that surrounds Moser Park. Formed in 2002, Moser Woods is a progressively, experimental approach to their own take on music. The band consists of 2 great musicians. Lance Hoeppner of New Haven, Indiana, provides the melody and a couple samples on keys. Rick Kinney, also of New Haven, provides the rumbling beat behind Lance's 'story telling' like keyboard parts.

I hadn't really heard much about the show besides a flyer in a myspace post but the turnout at Carl's to see these guys was crazy. There were easily 50+ people (yeah I don't know how 50+ people fit into Carl's with a band either but I counted...) in the bar to see these guys with more rolling in as they began their set. The floor between the bar and the front stage was asses-to-elbows with people standing. All the tables along the wall had a butt in every seat too. I was really surprised by the number of people there to see just 2 people. But once Moser Woods started to play I could see why there were so many people there.

Now I can appreciate good musicianship. Not that regular old cookie cutter music that you hear on some of the radio stations. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying it's not music, but it's all the same... That being said you might have to create a new radio station for Moser Woods' music. The only band who could possibly get airplay along with them would be Pink Floyd, but even they would have to harden up and add a little more distortion to their music to fit in with Moser Woods.  I couldn't even really classify the songs as songs. They were more like movements. What comes along with appreciating musicianship is that there is a story behind every note, every beat, and every space in the song. I would say each one of the songs, excuse me...movements, was close to 10 minutes long. The best part of each story was that you could differentiate between where each one ended and where each one began. It was like a continuous force of sound that was telling you a story as it was hitting you. With some professional lighting, watching these guys live could be an incredible visual, mental, and emotional experience, kind of like seeing Tool live (which by the way was life changing). The hard work and the emotion they put behind their music is very apparent in every part of everything they play. It was a great performance to say the least.

Not to mention it was a special night for them. It was the first time they were playing all of their new music live that was written for their upcoming album. I had spoken with both Rick and Lance on a couple different occasions prior to the show, just to let them know they were being watched, so it wasn't like I was a stalker running around chasing bands. Both Rick and Lance are great guys and are passionate about what they are doing. They want to take their music and expand it beyond any genre. Even though they would like to make careers out of touring and whatnot, they are all about the music first. Which is really important to people nowadays. Sometimes bands forget what being a band is all about. Moser Woods is what being a band and writing their music is all about.


Check 'em out



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