RP Wigs

By: Brandon McGinnis - Posted: 2009-12-21


RP Wigs - www.myspace.com/rpwigs1 - http://rpwigsmusic.com/

Chris Johnson - Guitars

Korey Zehr - Vocals

DJ Riley - Bass

Landon Hapner - Drums

Cory Johnston - Guitars


My Saturday night at Carl's Tavern in New Haven didn't stop with Moser Woods. The other band finishing out the bill and the organizers of the show were the RP Wigs. This progressive metal, and I can't even really call it metal because it's not the typical screamo metal, is something to be reckoned with.  They started in 2006 with 3 original members and adding the 2 remaining remembers in 2007. The band features Chris Johnson and Cory Johnston on guitars, DJ Riley and Landon Hapner killing the beat on bass and drums, respectively, and Korey Zehr frontin' the party on the mic. The reason I call it a party is because that's all I can really compare this high energy show to.  It's a good ass time with a bunch of good ass people, mixed with some music you can really move to.

Now when I say party and refer to its music, I don't mean like Blink-182 or Sum 41. What I mean is Blink 182 and Sum 41 being kicked in the face by Mastodon and the Deftones. The energy of these 5 guys is incredible. There were over 100 people (no bullshit) in the bar by the time these guys got on stage. And once they hit the stage, the party went crazy. There were 30+ people jumping around up in front of the band. These guys know how to get people moving. Everyone that was jumping around was singing along with Korey. This guy's really exciting to watch. His job is to get people really involved in the party and he does it very well. Chris J and Cory J hold it down with some serious authority on their guitars. Some of the noises that came out of those rigs were something else. Again with me being a bass player, I have to say they've got an incredible one in DJ. This dude is for real when he plays. I've got to give Kudos where they are due. And you really just have to listen to these guys (Check out their debut album 'Moustache of Sorrow') to appreciate what Landon does on the kit. He's one of the best around at what he does. They have got to be one of my favorite bands to watch play live.

For as small as Carl's was there were a ton of people there. I mean every bit of 100+ people filled the room. From the tables to the bar the whole length of the row of bar stools there was no standing room whatsoever. It was packed up front. And I swear some girl got up and was crowd surfing. Carl's standing space can't be more than 15-20ft wide... Needless to say it was a sight. They didn't start playing until around 11:30 so it was kind of a late start but the party was awesome. They even included a couple 'Rage Against The Machines' songs to take the energy up that much more. The Wigs managed to play almost everything they've ever written. Every one of their songs make you want to jump around with them. The only bad thing I can say is that you couldn't hear the singer much past about 15ft from the stage once the guitars were rocking out. The bass and drums and guitars were all at a good volume but the Mic wasn't cutting through the mix until you got behind that which was were the PA was then you could hear it again.

The RP Wigs are the definition of a party. They bring the party atmosphere to any venue and play the soundtrack of it. Both of the sets were great. They mixed a couple of the covers in the sets which really complemented the rest of the music. Everyone in the band I talked to is cool and if you ever get a chance to see these guys live please do. I promise you won't be disappointed. Shit you might just have a good time.


Check 'em out.





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