Elephants in Mud

By: Brandon McGinnis - Posted: 2009-12-13

Friday night I had a chance to check out a band called Elephants in Mud hailing from from right here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This Reggae/Dub/Punk trio is comprised of Jared Andrews on Vocals and Guitar, either Jon Swain or Tom Robertson holding down the groove on bass, and Lynn Nicholson providing the beat to keep everyone moving all night. My first immediate impression when I heard about the band was that they were just another Sublime or Slightly Stoopid knock off trying to make a name for themselves in the Reggae world.

 Wow, I was dead wrong. These guys are LEGIT. There is nothing Sublime or Slightly Stoopid about them. They definitely create their own sound and energy. The chemistry alone of them all playing together was incredible.  Jared's passion for his music definitely shows on stage, sending a dedication in 'Poison Burritos' to his dog Penny who is 2000 miles away still in San Diego. Swain was on bass for this show and this dude is a monster. Being a bass player myself, I really enjoyed watching this guy play. He's an incredible bass player and really enjoys playing it. And I can't speak highly enough of the drummer Lynn. This guy held it down with authority all night and had everyone bobbing to the music. I was really surprised with how many people were out at Kaysan's on a Friday night just to see them play. They have a great loyal following, and guys, they include A LOT of beautiful ladies. And I mean a lot.

The best part about live music is the atmosphere. The sound coming from these 3 guys was huge. And these guys create one that just makes you want to groove with them.  All the ladies were up dancing around in front of the stage by the 3rd song. They stayed up there all night, only leaving to refill their drinks. I got a chance to hang out with the guys for a few in between sets and what makes this band really great is that they are all really friendly cool ass dudes. They really appreciate people coming out and watching them and they like putting on a good show for their fans.

This band is what live music and a good time is all about. Grab a couple friends and check out an Elephants In Mud show, it's definitely worth it.

Check 'em out.


Jared Andrews - Vocals / Guitar

Jon Swain or Tom Robertson - Bass

Lynn Nicholson - Drums



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