So, do you tweet?

By: Daniel Koepke - Posted: 2009-09-29

What can you say in 140 characters?  You are probably thinking, not a whole lot, but Twitter would have you believe otherwise.  In fact, Twitter believes that the more important questions are "How do you tweet?" and "Who are you tweeting to?"

In case you have been living under a rock, Twitter let's you set up a free account and tweet.  Tweeting is a type of blogging, also referred to as micro-blogging, that is simply posting up to 140 characters to your account for all the world to see.  It has become a rather mainstream activity among celebrities and media outlets peaking just this year.  What better way to market directly to your fans and consumers than texting a million of them at once?  Its rather ingenious, honestly.

So, how do you tweet?  One of three ways, really.  You can be sitting in front of your computer or laptop, log on to your Twitter account and tweet your day away.  It can be rather entertaining while stuck at work with nothing else to do.  But when you are away from your computer and still feel the need to let everyone know how delicious that coney dog is you just ate, you are not out of luck.  Fire up your iPhone or fancy smartphone and tweet away.  Even those of you who haven't bought into the iPhone craze, you're not left out of the game.  Twitter makes it rather easy to set up any phone to be a "tweet box" through SMS (i.e. normal text messages).

The real genius behind all of this is once you start accumulating "followers".  Other tweeters can sign up, or follow, your tweets on their favorite internet or text messaging device.  Every time you tweet, each follower is immediately sent your 140 character update ensuring that anything you feel the need to write will be shared in real-time.

Did you just book a show?  Tweet about it.  Better yet, tweet an hour before your set starts.  Get a little more creative in your direct marketing campaign and tweet that the first fan to buy your drummer a beer gets a free CD!  The possibilities are limitless.

So, while the mainstream buzz may be riding high, the fact of the matter remains, Twitter allows you to directly market to your fans and consumers in real-time.  Whether this is just a fad with a two-year shelflife or will be sticking with us for years to come, it doesn't make much sense to miss out.  And what a perfect compliment to your exiting MySpace and Facebook pages than your own Twitter account!

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