Woot! If you don't, you should.

By: Daniel Koepke - Posted: 2009-08-12

One of the sites I check every morning, before I start my daily work routine, is Woot at www.woot.com.  Its a simple site with a simple concept: "One Day, One Deal."  And every day I venture onto the site, they fulfill that mission, and I am treated to a single product for a great price.

I have purchased a handful of products over the years, a USB Skype Conference Hub, a Digital Picture Frame, a hand-held DVD Player, a remote control helicopter and a Marshmallow Pump Rifle to name a few.  I've seen bigger ticket items on the site as well, like vacuum cleaners, laptop computers, LCD TVs and sometimes just odd collector swag, so you really never know what is going to be featured.

While there is no guarantee you'll be interested in the daily deal, you are guaranteed that no matter what it is, you'll only pay a flat $5 to ship.  So, no matter how big the object is, you never have to worry about buying something and getting hit with an extreme shipping cost. 

Every Tuesday is a special 2 for Tuesday deal.  So, you will get a pair of the featured item for one price.  And, you still only have a $5 shipping fee.

The only real limitation is that you can only purchase a total of three items.  When you fill out the order form on the confirmation screen, you are asked if you want one, two or three.  A very easy transaction process and once you get your initial account information set up, future purchases are only a couple button clicks.  Keep in mind, all of these deals are first come, first serve and once the product is sold out, its done.  So, it can be important to get to the site early (which updates are made around 1am every day).

If you are lucky (or visit Woot every day), you'll end up on a Woot-Off.  On these special days, intead of having one deal until its sold out, Woot puts another deal on the site.  So, during a Woot-Off, which normally last a day or so, you'll see several items throughout the day and will want to check back throughout the day to see what's new.

And like most sites, Woot has a presence on Twitter and Facebook, so you can follow all the latest updates through those sites.

I enjoy Woot.  Its fun to check the site each day and unless its a Woot-Off, that's the only time investment you have.  While there are sometimes repeat items, I think that eventually, everyone visiting the site finds something that they are interested in and when that happens, you can feel very confident that you'll be getting a really good deal!

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