Happy 4th - Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!!!

By: Alan Quandt - Posted: 2009-07-04

FortWayneMusic reviews, lost of em The Reviews Pour in.....

Hey folks.  I want to thank everyone who has sent me press kits over the last several months.  I have a desk full of kits waiting to be reviewed.  As some may know, we just bought our first house a month ago.  I now have a “real” home for the FWM (actually FWDMP) Offices.  With that good stuff, comes a bunch of preparation.  I have finally got the office in a workable order.  This has no doubt hindered my ability to keep up with my FortWayneMusic.com work, as my clients are racking up.  I spent all of the last few weeks catching up with my work, and I am finally in a position to get to some reviews.

So look this week for at least one new review.  On to the next order of business…

The new Office!

I am in what I am calling “Phase One” of the new Fort Wayne Digital Media Production Group offices.  As much as I wanted to build the music studio first; I had to setup the art studio in order to please my clients!  I took some shots of the new office in its current phase and wanted to share them with you all.  (Give me a break, I am a first time home owner! Let me brag!).

We now have a team of 4 artists/musician/designers/developers and I am getting ready to fill them in on the production of the new FWM 2010 release.  So….. now on to the next item….

The Next Release…

Again, because of the move, I fell behind on my work with the 2010 release.  However, now that I have my team finally moved in; I have some help making this thing even ballsier (prolly not a word).

In the next week or so, we will hold our first FWM2010 development meeting.  In which we will discuss new features, upgrades to old features, and anything else that we can rub out.  We might even invite Wallace! 

I am going to rig up some sort of “2010 Suggestions Form” on the site really soon.  Sadly, with our handful of 30 year old high schoolers on the site who like to rip on everything we do, I have to weed out the “worth a shit” suggestions.  Hopefully we can avoid a lot of that. (pretty please!)

Thank you all for your support and letting me “Self Promote” with my office photos.  Just kidding. Kinda.



On to the photos! Sorry I am excited.


PHASE 1 (Design and Development Studio)

Bordom Piano & Drafting Table (thank you insta copy!) Light Table (thank you, again, insta copy!)
My Workstation Cory, Nate, and Brandon's Workstations

PHASE 2 (Project Recording Studio and Computer Repair)

Main Room Work Table/Computer Repair Area
Coffee, Drills, and Cables Galore! (and the restroom)  

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