The Next Release...

By: Alan Quandt - Posted: 2009-04-14

Okay, a lot has unfolded since I first posted an entry about the next release.  I have managed to produce as much work in a week or so that would have taken me 3 months last year.  So, because of that, this release may end up being a spring or summer event.

I have the layout of the new site about 90% complete.  We have finally taken the leap into the newest version of the bulletin board software we use, PhpBB 3.  I have already finished styling the new boards to match the new layout.  PhpBB really stepped it up a notch with this release (now several years old).  Like mentioned above; I was able to accomplish a ton of work in a fraction of the time, since this release of PhpBB used much more current technology.

Without further ramble, I will list the new additions to  These are NEW and revised components.

  • NEW Design and layout. Much softer and less chaotic, at the same time more interactive.
  • NEW Home Page with Staff Features and more.
  • Revised Sidebar and its widgets.
  • Restructured Directory listings, with featured bands and redesigned Band Profiles.
  • NEW Band profile will include MP3 players. With no upload limit!
  • NEW Calendar, much easier to read and more functions.
  • NEW Flyer upload and exposure.
  • Revised Mp3 Upload and organization.
  • Search Capabilities through the site (for music, articles, videos, etc..)
  • BETTER Video Support
  • NEW Artists Section (Gallery and Profile)
  • NEW Advertising Opportunities
  • NEW Message Boards
  • More Staff Opportunities
  • Revised Mp3 Players across the site.
  • Restructured Opinions section and NEW Daily Rant
  • Local Entertainment BBB list to rate local entertainment related individuals and businesses.
  • NEW Marketplace for Bands Merch, Classifieds, Musician Search and more!

With the introduction of the new Forums, I will be removing some items that are currently in place on the forums.  I will be taking these items and building a new system for them, and locating them as their own section of the site, rather than an addition to the board.  Some of these items include:

  • Local Opinions
  • User Band and CD Reviews
  • Music Online (the music upload section)

Some items will be removed until further notice because they are not compatible with the new forums.  However we will replace them as soon as we can. Those items are:

  • Arcade
  • Quizzes
  • Casino

We appreciate everyone's support throughout the years.  I am excited to develop and release these new components to the site.  All of these services are of course free to musicians, with the exception of a portion of the Marketplace, which will still be 100% free to setup.  Please keep an eye out for more details on that and how that system will work.


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