That time of the year is early...

By: Alan Quandt - Posted: 2009-04-07

Well folks, last year I did most of the "heavy" development of the site in the last 3 months leading up to Jan 1st of 2009.  Since the 2009 release of the new site, I have buried myself in Web Programming Books and have a hefty ass skill set for this time around.

So today marks the beginning of development for the 2010 Release.  Many of the sites features and new components will stay as they are.  At least from your perspective.  I will no doubt be stripping all of Garrs previous CMS structure from the site and starting from scratch.

The Database will stay in tact, as will its contents.  There may be little change to how these newer components function on the client side of it all, but I will be revamping how things are processed on the back-end of it all.  I will note that there is nothing wrong with Garr's code work, but it is, just that; Garrs work.  His methods of programming differ from mine and I tried my best to learn from it and code around his work last year, but this year I am confident enough to put the code work into "my own words" so to speak.

Here are some things that you may find in the new release ( but not limited to ):

  • Brand NEW Site Layout and Structure.
  • Enhanced MP3 Players, with more rich features for users.
  • More options on band profiles, possibly even customization similar to myspace.
  • Support for the Art Community.
  • More overall support for Local Entertainment as a whole.
  • NEW Mobile Features.
  • NEW Calendar and event listings on the mobile site.
  • Better overall navigation and optimization.
  • Much more as I get into the development process.

I will be opening a forum for suggestions here in the near future.  I am interested in hearing everyones (well almost everyones) thoughts on the newer components and ideas for future additions.

Thanks for everyones support throughout these 10 Years!

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