You Dont Have to Be a Fan

By: Laura Atherton - Posted: 2008-12-19

You don’t have to be a fan. 

It’s true.  You don’t have to like the music.  Don’t have to like the style, the sound, anything.  You can be your favorite person’s biggest fan without being the band’s biggest fan.  It’s OK.  There is no rule stating otherwise, and in the end (as you’ll discover in later entries), it might even work out a lot better if you’re not the Biggest Fan.  

So, go to some shows- you don’t have to go to all of them to be supportive.  Have fun and meet people, get to know the actual fans- it’s probably a good idea to know who’s idolizing the person with whom you share a home.  Make your favorite musician look good by virtue of having a sporting mate!

If your beloved or one of the bandmates asks for input, give it honestly.  But don’t be overly harsh because it’s not your fancy.  Simply remain objective.  And if no one asks?  Well, don’t bother to share.  You’re off the hook, actually.  And don’t bother being offended, either.  You’re not a Fan…remember?

This is intended to be the first installation in a series about being the wife, girlfriend, significant other, or “insert title here” to a musician.  I have a feeling that by the time it’s over, I could just end up calling it “common sense ways to be a decent ‘insert title here’”.

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