First Entry

By: Alan Quandt - Posted: 2008-12-16

First off I want to welcome everyone to this new section of!

So often I am out and about in the musical realm of this city and I get this urge to write about what I have noticed, learned or maybe just thought was funny. I decided to try out a journal esq. section of  I am not completely sure what is going to happen here but a few things I will be trying to add are;

  1. Random Entertainment related thoughts, experiences, and tips.
  2. Entertainment Resources – Some links to any good literature I may find or have sent to me that could benefit musicians, promoters, and well any member.
  3. Technical Notes – A brief list (and possible description) of what we have accomplished in that day.

At this time I will be attempting to make semi regular entries, but at this time there is no set schedule for journal updates.

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