Homeless J - The Squeeze

By: Alan Quandt - Posted: 2008-12-12

If Bono and Perry Farrell were able to lend the good qualities of their vocal styling to one individual it would be one Chad Van Meter.  The first thing I noticed after the intro track (which I thought was the only thing out of place in the entire album) was the quality of voice over top the music.   As a fellow musician I know how hard it is to find a truly talented vocalist.  Brad Amstutz (Lead Guitar), Jon Hill (Bass Guitar), Matt Minnick (Guitar), and Dan Willig (Drums) beat odds and found the needle in the haystack.

Without sticking my nose up Van Meters ass too much I must comment on the musicians that back the man.  While listening to the first few tracks, I noticed that the guitars are not very predominant.  At first I thought that was going to result in a lack of “punch” in the music.  I then realized that this was the perfect element to the overall solution they call Homeless J.  I listened closely and found that the guitars are working very hard in there but not thrown up above all in the mix giving a very calming and pleasant feel to the entire disc.

The rhythm section on this very well produced disc completes overall mood.  Though the vocals were the first thing I noticed I was naturally drawn to the drums (being a drummer myself).  Dan Willig tastefully conducted the rhythm of the group.  No out of place cocky drums solos, or the annoying need to show everyone all of the neat percussive tricks you have in your bag allowed this compilation to successfully join my short list of favorite local albums that I have collected over the last 6 years.  Bass guitar lines support the lead guitars and give them the perfect amount of power and reinforcement needed to complete the 5 pieces solidarity throughout the disc.

In short; quality, consistency, and balance are what allow this CD to stand above many others in this town and fit in with nationals.  I was pleasantly surprised to have nothing bad to say about this album in this town of a hundred poorly produced “general rock bands”.  I am looking forward to seeing what these guys will release next!

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