Artificial Red - Demo EP

By: Alan Quandt - Posted: 2008-12-12

In Fort Wayne I have heard (and played in) my share of rock bands over the last 12 years.  It’s very rare that I hear an act that has an original approach or does not sound like a direct Godsmack or Creed rip off (even though they were probably going for the unobtainable TOOL sound originally!).   Artificial Red’s new EP was difficult to classify so easily.

Jordan Collier’s unique batch of golden rule rock vocals garnished with a hint of 80’s power ballad, then finished off with his ability to ACTUALLY sing really sets up the stage for the band that supports him.  I am instantly reminded of younger version of the long time local rock vocalist Matt Clibon (Second Sun, and formerly of Sirface).  

Desmond Gulley (Bass), Mark McLendon (Guitars), and Reece Bada (drums) create the foundation for Collier’s generally original and very charismatic vocals.  However, I will admit that they musicians are no doubt in a post adolescent stage of creating the ”perfect original rock soundtracks” the three of them seem to have a chemistry that is solid and destined to continually evolve. 

I can whole heartedly declare that if these guys keep going strong they could be ready to take over the Fort Wayne rock scene by the time they can cough up a little more recording funds to release a full length LP. I would defiantly pick up this EP if you like a great combination of 90’s alternative/grunge and modern rock.  Hell, if for nothing else its free too!

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