amazing poem about 9/11

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amazing poem about 9/11

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some guy posted this on anotehr forum i go to... this is written so well and with a few word changes, goes perfectly to a nice beat.

This guy was form great britain i think...

A man sat at his desk making a living
Started his day with no sense of misgiving
A beautiful day one without any rival
The cool air heralded autumn’s arrival
The work was dull but needed to be done
He sat at the desk and dreamed of the sun
His reverie was broken as a buzz filled the room
People were talking and radios started to boom

A man sat confused as the buzz reached his ears
He heard something he’d never heard in all of his years
A plane struck a great building in a huge ball of flame
But he still didn’t know he would never be the same
He wondered if someone was playing a cruel joke
But the picture on the ‘net showed the black curling smoke
What could have happened to cause such a mistake?
But what happened next caused his poor heart to break

A man still wrestling with what he should think
Had his life turned around as quick as a wink
Another plane hit the great building’s twin
And it became clear someone was committing a sin
Two great towers had just been attacked
By planes full of people who had been hijacked.
Someone was trying to cause death and great strife
And now all he could think of was to call his wife

A man on the phone wakes his wife from a sleep
He tells her the story as she begins to weep
He is moved by the depth and truth of her tears
But he is helpless to soothe any of her fears
He still doesn’t understand what has just occurred
So far he only knows what he has heard
“Please come homeâ€
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Post by MrsV »

that is really powerful..thanks for sharing
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Thank you Qwetty!

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