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Under the Wake CD Review in Whatzup!

Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 3:28 pm
by fragile_funk
This week's issue of Whatzup magazine features a review of our CD, entitled "A Frail Grip on Reality". Pick up a copy or read it below!

Much like a certain not-to-be-named fast-food joint, many practitioners of what’s commonly referred to as hardcore metal these days use the same few ingredients in different combinations to make every meal/song on the menu. The results are usually assembled from a prep tray of otherworldly growls/shrieks, severely detuned guitars, hyper-pummeling drums and creepy foreboding intros. In other words: viscerally effective and not much else. So why waste so much wind on the shortcomings of modern metal before mentioning Under the Wake and their new release, A Frail Grip on Reality? Simply so I can point out that these guys ain’t doling out drive-thru fare – this album is definitely sit-down material, a point made apparent from the very start.

The disc opens with a stirring but delicate instrumental devoid of any hellbound crunch whatsoever. Classical acoustic guitars weave melody and harmony lines around a martial snare drum during “Prelude to Declination,â€