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Waynedale (i love those motherf$#%ers)
Chris Johnson
and everyone thats comes out and gets crazy at shows
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My band has apparently been pretty lucky. I am reading that a lot of bands seem to have fans that just show up and get drunk. Our fans have really been participating. Oftentimes, a bar or coffeeshop will call us up after a fan plays them our demo CD. Our fans tend to practically book shows for us. Our fans help create the playlist for our shows. Our fans are often called onstage to help with certain songs.

Maybe it's an extension of our already participatory stage show, but I think a lot of our fans almost consider themselves integral parts of the Cupcake Company - and I'll rarely disagree with that.

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We have also been very lucky with fans helping us get shows. Whether it be a private party that we get because our fans work for us, or actually getting us into a new venue, they have been great about helping us get shows. Aside from that, even when they just show up to shows and drink they are enthusistic and help us have more fun when we are on stage.

Each year we will set goals for the band as a group. Last year we decided that our sole goal was to gain new fans and everything we did worked towards that. It was an important move because more fans has translated into more gigs with more money (money's not everything but it sure is nice to make a little cash doing this).

For my band, our fans make it all worth doing. If they didn't show up it just wouldn't be as fun.
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