2006 Maumee Music Fest

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just a few thoughts

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I'm new to the FWM boards but myspace is down so . . .
I've sat and read all the comments about MMF. I was a side line participant helping out ando and julie. I was there at 10:45 am and sweated my buns off till 11:30 that night. (WITH a hangover and thank god, lots of rum).
All I can say is: the bands all were awesome. as somone who gets out infrequently it was a pleasure to see so many local bands all in one day. Yes, two bands at once was distracting at times. But I could sit on the hill or I could sit by the fountain or I could sit in the middle and catch them both.
Next year there WILL be more media sponsors. There will be more press. There will be more clarity but this year . . . ando and julie did a great job for a first time event.
I had a blast, I met some new people and I had a blast.
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Word. Thanks Heather.

Also, as far as reaching out to involve the 'greater' community, we had commercials on x102, Ando & I did the Friday morning show w/ JJ, there were multiple listings & a big 'ol ad in Whatzup, promoted on FWM.com, had a myspace site, passed out flyers, listed in the 3RF handbook & web site and news releases were sent out.

I think that Sat. was just too freaking hot for the majority of families to come out. The fact that we weren't "allowed" to have consessions was also a factor (something we've already mentioned to 3RF for 2007).
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Reading all the comments and what not, really makes me miss not being there. I am just glad to hear that people stepped up and are helping to get the excellent Fort Wayne music more out there and in to peoples faces. Congrats on all of it Ando and everyone else that helped to set up. I look so forward to coming home and enjoying all the music the Fort has to offer!! Keep up the good work!
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