Infinite Echo

Member Since: 2011-02-22
Active: 2010 - Current
Band Email:

Band Members:
Alex Kumar
Alex Quaintance
Jake Jeran
Braeden Bowles
Ryan Achor


Infinite Echo started as an idea of Alex Kumar (Lead Guitar) and Jake Jeran (Drums). It was just an idea at first; but when Alex Quaintance (Bass) joined the band, they knew they had something going. The band then stalled out for a bit as they searched for a vocalist. After a few weeks of searching, via Facebook and at school, Braeden Bowles took the call and joined the band. After a few weeks, they started having band practice. In late January, the band decided to look for a rhythm guitarist. They found Ryan Achor the next day. Currently, the band is practicing every weekend. In the future, t



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